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Does Your Contractor duck behind the bushes when an inspector drives by?

Wise Guys Home Improvement holds a South Carolina Residential Builder's License. This is a crucial element to verify when selecting a contractor to make changes to your home. Cooperating with state and local inspectors and building codes not only insures that your project will be completed properly, but also guarantees that you will not experience delays and frustrations caused by unsafe or improper construction and/or lack of permits. Selecting a contractor with the right licenses, bonds, and insurance also ensures that should an accident happen, you are protected. Our insurer can provide each and every homeowner with documentation of coverage before the first hammer is swung.

We encourage our customers to verify licensing, bonds, and insurance for any contractor they do business with.  To check the status of Wise Guys Click below.

(Choose Residential Builders from the drop down menu, then type Wise Guys in the company name box)




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