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Wise Guys Home Improvement, LLC. was founded in 2006 by Robert Lindsey and his partner Ryan Parsons.  Since then Wise Guys has formed into a high quality home building company with a reputation of being honest, efficient, and clean. These traits coupled with their award winning status make the Wise Guys your go to builders when your "Keepin' it Classy!".


Who is Robert Lindsey?

Robert Lindsey is a man of many passions, talents, and skills. As an Eagle Scout and an avid backpacker, Robert set his eyes upon the hills of North Carolina, and enrolled in Brevard College to study Business. After graduation, he settled in for a couple of summers in Charleston, SC to find that dream job that awaits every hardworking college graduate, or so he thought. He found himself in the middle of historical restoration, hauling debris and doing the grunt work of whole house remodeling. Despite the hard labor, Robert realized his passion for renovating older homes. He discovered the character within 150 year old walls, and found great satisfaction in bringing these relics back to life.

Robert also enjoyed traveling, and found ways to use his talents to not only travel, but also help others. Volunteering in the Bahamas for six months to work for hurricane victims, "The volunteers all had one thing in common; the desire to help others in their time of need. We wanted to help the community bounce back to its Glory Days." Robert returned to South Carolina, and once again, felt a calling to get down to the "Big Easy" and help his neighbors to the south after the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. With so many people in need, he signed on as a volunteer with the American Red Cross. "I spent six months helping hurricane victims get back on their feet, and up on solid ground. I wanted to see their toes taping again."

After doing all that he could do in his capacity for the people of New Orleans, he made his way back home to Columbia. Wasting no time, Robert joined forces with friend, classmate, and fellow Eagle Scout Brian Flynn & Ryan Parsons.  Columbia's newest Remodeling outfit was born. Spending the summer finding a groove in Shandon and the surrounding neighborhood, Robert brought his talents to the table, and helped make way for Wise Guys Home Improvement to be formed in the fall of 2006. "The houses have been swinging to the Wise Guys beat ever since."




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